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CardMatch Match Your Credit Profile with Offers From Participating Partners

Dealmoon has brought our fans who would like to own a credit card  a helpful tool – CardMatch.
Many of you have received invitations from different banks to apply for their credit card offers, some of those may not be so attractive; while some seem like a great offer which may be better than the public offer. So this might be the time for you to consider if you would like to take this advantage and apply for that card.
CardMatch is a tool that could help you find which credit card works better for you and a tool to find if you have a targeted  offer.  All you need to do is provide some required information on the CardMatch tool on our Dealmoon website, then card match will match your credit profile with offers from participating partners.
Q: what kind of information does CardMatch need?
A: CardMatch only requires your name, address and the last 4 digits of your social security number to locate your credit profile.
Q: Will using CardMatch hurt my credit score?
A: CardMatch will only use a soft credit check to locate your credit profile which is different than a hard check when you apply for a credit card.
Q: Will my personal information be safe?
A: CardMatch will not store any personal data of you on their systems.
Q: Will CardMatch be sure that I can get approved for the offers I saw on CardMatch results?
A: The offers that show up on CardMatch are those offers that are more likely to be approved and it is not 100% guaranteed to be approved. Besides, CardMatch  may  also provide some card offers  that people  already have.
Other terms and conditions may apply.
Check your offers here.