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6 days ago

Jun Ji-hyun Hera Rouge Holic NO.147 lip stick is coming! Get Korean Drama Actress’s same lip color @ JCK TREND


Editor’s Recommendation:

Hera NO.147 lip sticks get popular because of the recent Korean Drama Legend of the Blue Sea. It is played by Jun Ji-huyn and Lee Min-ho , both are top Korean stars. This alluring, sensual with a smooth, melt-texture completes your lips with a new sensation. Now this lip stick is almost sold out in most places, but you can still get it from jcktrend.com.

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14 days ago

Expired Black Friday 20% off! Mild Products for Pregnant Women and Baby @ JCK TREND


Editor’s Recommendation:

Every mother is looking for safe and non-hormone products for her baby. Cow’s style QP baby care series has formula with mild acidity and the best PH for baby skin, also free of dye and fragrance, so that the baby or the people with sensitive skin can use its products safely. Cow brand is a long seller brand in Japan with a history of over 100 years and gets most Japanese families’ trust. 

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20 days ago

Expired 30% OFF FOR Guerisson 9 Complex Cream and Cloud 9 Whitening Cream @ JCK TREND

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28 days ago

Expired Sulwhasoo Products from 20% Off Dealmoon Exclusive! Addition $11.11 Off when over $150 Plus Gift Sets Surprise @ JCK TREND Dealmoon Exclusive!

  • Dealmoon Single's Day Exclusive!  
  • JCK TREND offers up to 20% off Sulwhasoo valued products. And You will get additional $11.11 off when spend over $150 via coupon code "HAPPY1111". 
  • 3 free samples every order, 100% genuine guaranteed.
  • Free Shipping on orders over $50. Domestic Shipping in the U.S.
  • Deal ends 11/15.


If your order includes: SULWHASOO New Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream, you may win to have an upgraded gift set: Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream EX Heritage Set for free! The details about the gift set is on the bottom. We only offer 10 boxes totally and publicize the winners later. 

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40 days ago

Expired Up to 20% off The History of Whoo products @ JCK TREND


Editors Recommendation:

I was attracted by The History of Whoo BB cushion’s gorgeous packaging at the first glance. More importantly, there is one free veil base, so that I don’t need to spend time to find one. Since still many girls don’t know the steps of using BB cream, veil base and sunscreen, here is the correct steps: veil base—BB cream—Sunscreen. But as many veil base and BB cream has sunblock function now, you don’t need to apply sunscreen every time. And I want to introduce its Bichup Soon Hwan Essence Special Set. This time not only it’s packaging is more beautiful, but also its ingredients are enhanced. The whoo company adds anti-dust ingredient. This essence is the first step after face washing in the morning, just like your first cup of water to help your skin absorb next skincare products better. 

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48 days ago

Expired Up to 20% off Halloween Wigs and Cosmetics @ JCK TREND


Halloween is coming soon, if you are too busy please don’t miss this deal! Buying a wig and having a stunning makeup could not only save time and money, but also get amazing result. If you are a cosplay fan, it’s also a good time of your show.

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68 days ago

Expired Anniversary Sale! Everything 5% Off with Free iPhone 7 Plus @ JCK TREND

  • JCK TREND offers 5% off sitewide  via coupon code "DMSALE".

  • From 9.26 (EST 0:00) to 10.10 (EST 24:00), customers who purchase over $100 will get free gifts.

  • First prize and second prize’s winners will be published and notified on 10.15. If there is no reply after 3 days, the gift will be transferred to another customer. 

  • Also,  free 3 samples on all orders.

  • Free Shipping on orders over $50.

  • Deal ends 10/10.



The First Prize:

One customer from people who purchased over $300 will be randomly selected. Selected customers will get an iPhone 7 Plus (32 GB), which worth $769. iPhone's color will depend on your choice. Customers who don't win will still get the third prize.


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97 days ago

Expired Up to 20% Off + 3 Free Samples Special Gift Sets On Sale @ JCK TREND

  • JCK TREND offers 20% off special gift sets.
  • Also,  free 3 samples on all orders.
  • Free shipping on order over $50.

  • Deal ends 9/10.

Special Gift Set Details:

1. The History of Whoo Luxury Golden Cushion Gift Set: One BB Cushion + One Refill + One Base Cream;

2. The History of Whoo Glow Pink Lip Balm Gift Set: One Pink Lip Balm + One Bronze Mirror

3. The History of Whoo Secret Court Lip Balm Gift Set: One Secret Court Lip Balm + One Luxury Lipstick mini #13.

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106 days ago

Expired $34.95 ($45.00, 22% OFF) Laneige Limited Edition Lucky Chouette BB Cushion On Sale @ JCK TREND


Recommend:Laneige released its third fashion collaboration with Lucky Chouette, known as South Korean street style brand. This collection features in fancy and adorable design. It separates into two colors: Pnik and Black. Pink BB cushion features in whitening function (for people who want brightening skin), and Black BB cushion features in pore control function (especially for oily or acne skin). 

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125 days ago

Expired Up to 20% Off and Plus Additional $7 Off When Over $77 Chinese Valentines Day Big Sale @ JCK TREND


Recommend: JCKTREND.COM is dedicated to bring the highest quality Asian beauty and fashion clothing in the US and aims to promote Asian culture. You can not only get the latest limited edition cosmetics, but also the fashion trend from Seoul, Tokyo and Shanghai. JCK TREND is getting more and more International students and young Americans’ favor.

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271 days ago

Expired 20% Off, Get One Sulwhasoo Gift Set Free When Purchasing Over $150 Sulwhasoo Products Sale @ JCK TREND

  • JCKTREND.COM Offers 20% off for Sulwhasoo products.
  • Get One Sulwhasoo Gift Set Free When Purchasing Over $150.
  • Domestic Shipping in the U.S., 3 Free Samples Every Order, 100% Genuine Guaranteed
  • Free Shipping on orders over $50.
  • Deal ends 3/16.

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278 days ago

Expired 30% Off Line Friends Limited Edition Collection

  • Domestic Shipping in the U.S., 3 Free Samples Every Order, 100% Genuine Guaranteed
  • Free Shipping on orders over $50.
  • Deal ends 3/8.


Recommend:In the beginning of 2016, Missha and Mediheal released their limited editions of Line Friends one after another. Their packages are so cute that so many girls cannot wait to buy. In addition, the price is affordable and in good quality. Missha brown cushion is for girls who want to cover more acnes or dark spots. And the yellow cushion is more moisturized than the brown one, for dry skin. Please choose the BB cushion that fits your skin type.

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282 days ago

Expired 30% Off The Most Popular Cosmetic of Japan: KANEBO KATE

Recommend:KATE is the NO.1 sales quantity in Japan’s makeup market. If you travel in Japan, you cannot miss it in beauty stores. I highly recommend KATE Eyebrow Powder Palette! It not only easily to use as eyebrow powder, but also used as nose shadow (you need to have a large brush). If you don’t like eyebrow powder, you could try KATE Lasting Eyebrow Flat Pencil that combines eyebrow powder and eyebrow pencil together on each side. Its design helps to fix makeup conveniently. No wonder so many girls love it.
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300 days ago

Expired 30% Off SKII Facial Treatment Essence New Phoenix Limited Edition

Recommend: As a new Spring arrives, SK-II introduces a new inspiration for women to change their skin’s future– the new Phoenix Limited Edition Facial Treatment Essence bottle.

The ultimate authority of femininity in the Chinese culture, the Phoenix symbolizes the possibilities of soaring beyond your potential. The design presents a modern take on tradition and combines Chinese traditional paper-cut art with a modern holographic edge.
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338 days ago

Expired 20% off Sulwhasoo Perfecting BB Cushion and IOPE Air Cushion @ JCKTREND.COM

Product Info: Sulwhasoo is one of the best beauty brands in South Korea. Compared to other bb cushions, this perfecting bb cushion brightening ingredients include magnolia and pearlescent complex to bring a translucent radiance to the skin. Your skin will be left bright and luminous for up to 12 hours. And its package design looks like a shell that highlights its whitening function. IOPE air cushion is another popular bb cushion. Compared to Sulwhasoo’s, its price is much more affordable.
Beauty JCK TREND 98 299
345 days ago

Expired From 30% Off + Free Gift 2015 Must-have Korean Beauty Products Sale @ JCKREND.COM

Christmas Special Offer: Orders over $75 not only enjoy free shipping, but also will be given one youkshimwon’s Fascy Tina cosmetic bag for free. Its size is 95mm * 195mm, and it has three colors: red, pink and orange. It could be used either pencil bag or cosmetic bag. This gift will be randomly to send with your order. If you want a specific style, please leave a message when place order. This product is not for sale.
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359 days ago

Expired 20% Off Laneige Products Sale @ JCKTREND,COM

  • JCK TREND offers 20% Off Laneige Products Sale via coupon code "DM1212".
  • Domestic Shipping in the U.S, 3 Free Samples Every Order, 100% Genuine Guaranteed.
  • Free Shipping on orders over $50.
  • Deal ends 12/15.

Product Info: In this winter, Laneige releases Lucky Holiday limited edition BB cushion and water sleeping mask. Both package are designed with a trump card to symbolize the holiday festivities. The BB cushion comes with a full package and one refill. And don’t miss Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar! The lipstick can easily express natural gradation and change you to the star in either Christmas party or company annual meeting.

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411 days ago

Expired $20.28 ($26.00, 22% off) Innisfree Skin Care Products Sale @ JCKTREND.COM

  • JCK TREND offers the Innisfree Skin Care Products Sale for $20.28.
  • Free Shipping on orders over $50.
  • Domestic Shipping in the U.S., 3 Free Samples Every Order, 100% Genuine Guaranteed.
  • Deal ends 10/28.

Recommend: The Green Tea Seed Serum is one of Innisfree’s best sellers. It is a moisturizing and nourishing serum with organic green tea seeds from Jeju to fill the skin with suppleness and clarity. The serum creates a dewy complexion, without leaving a greasy, sticky feeling afterwards.
Beauty JCK TREND 16 122
419 days ago

Expired $39.95 ($59.00, 32% off) LANEIGE Playnomore BB Cushion

Recommend: Laneige launched a new project with fashion brand PLAYNOMORE, named “My Darling, SHY GIRL”. This limited edition becomes many girls’ favorite cosmetics now. JCKTREND.COM is now introducing its whitening BB cushion, features an oil-free, sweat-proof, water-resistant formula. Available in two colors: N13 & N21 with full package (refill included).Hera UV MIST BB Cushion C21 is also on sale now.
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