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$13all Galaxy Lollipops
413 days ago

Expired $13.96 ($21.95, 36% off) all Galaxy Lollipops

  • Sparko Sweets offers the 30% off all Galaxy Lollipops for $13.96 via coupon code "DM2526".
  • 8 styles total + a free gift of 3 x 3D Halloween Scary Eyes Lollipops(not appeared in cart, will include in package when shipped).
  • Shipping fee is $5.


FoodSparko Sweets22312


$15Planet Lollipops 10 Pieces Galaxy Series @ Sparko Sweets
792 days ago

Expired $15.00 ($17.99, 17% off) Planet Lollipops 10 Pieces Galaxy Series @ Sparko Sweets

Product Features: Sparko Sweets Galaxy Lollipops is edible art with amazing clarity. These "Galaxy Lollipops" will make you feel as if you're holding our solar system in the palm of your hands. The lollipop set contains the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto (Dwarf Planet).
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