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75 days ago

Expired World's First Commercially Available FCV Meet Mirai, Meet the Future

Toyota Mirai is at the forefront of a new age of hydrogen fuel cell cars. Hydrogen energy enables us to enjoy zero-emission driving, unlimited energy supplies from various sources and provides an intelligent solution to stre energy.



0 emissions; 5min refuelling time; 312 EPA-rated miles per tank. Hydrogen technology truly represents a truning point in our future mobility and for our environment. Toyota is making a start today, bringing the future into the present. Hydrogen powers a motor that drvies the wheels; and the best news is that the only by-product of this process is water, which exits through the Mirai's tailpipe. 



Step inside the Mirai. The futuristic cabin effortlessly combines comfort and convenience with innovative techonolgy, lasting quality and everyday practicality. Navigation, audio and hands-free calls are handled by the impressive 7 inch touch screen Toyota Touch 2 with Go Plus navigation system, incorporating preimium 11-speaker JBL sound. 



Purchase Support for Trailblazers:

3 years' worth of complimentary fuel; $7,500 purchase support; $8,000 Federal Tax Credit; $5,000 CA rebate; Eligible for CA white HOV carpool sticker.

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