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4 days ago

Uniden DFR9 Super Long Range Radar


Features: The Uniden Intercepter Radar Detector series has the balance of all key factors: no false alarm, easy to operate, range, price and design. Bar none, Uniden is the Best performing radar detector per dollar vs. any radar detector out in the market today.



20 days ago

Made By SCOSCHE The Best Magnetic Phone Mount

The safety is the most important thing for us, you need to drive to meet your daily life in most parts of North America. A study shows the mobile phone has a great impact on driving safety. A mobile phone is not the accessory that comes with the car, there is no suitable place to place it. If you put the phone in the cup holder, it is unsafe to look down. As the vehicle moves and the phone sways back and forth, it is very annoying. Therefore, it is imperative to purchase a suitable mobile phone holder.



After trying a variety of mobile phone mounts, today I will give you a brand that has recently made us very happy: SCOSCHE. The California-based accessories company was founded in 1980, 40 years ago. Their products focus mainly on accessories for mobile devices, such as cell phone holders, headphones, Bluetooth speakers, and even heart rate monitors. After visiting the brand at CES, I was very interested; but they have a wide variety of products, and the difference is not easy to find out. Just coincidentally, we got a full set of magnetic mobile phone holders of the SCOSCHE products. Enjoying happiness alone is not as happy as sharing it. We decided to share the experience with you.



SCOSCHE have four categories according to categories: MagicMount Charge, Original MagicMount, MagicMount Pro, and MagicMount Elite.



After tried them out, I found that the differentiation of these four products is obvious. Start by packing the smallest Original on the right.



Original MagicMount



Here's what inside:



Installation is very simple, first put the protective sticker to the back of the phone, without wireless charging you can directly attach to the back center, with wireless charging on the back of the back position, probably like this:



Apple original silicone shell and original leather shell are compatible with this mount. After testing the iron piece, no problem with the suction force. There is also a small clip on the back of the bracket that fixes the charging cable. It is very intimate:



Although this car has CarPlay, there is no suitable position to put the phone. I usually put the phone in the cup holder, if you got two drinks, you will have a problem:



Let's install a SCOSCHE's mount! it is the simplest and most reliable adhesive installation, the installation takes only 1 minute, 30 seconds for finding the right position and 30 seconds for the stronghold to ensure firmness:



The installation is complete! Put the phone on and try it out:



It's very nice.



MagicMount Pro

Pro is higher than Original, let's find out the difference together: First, the box is transparent, and the front cover can be opened directly to see the body.




Here's what inside:



Let's try this one on MINI. After some research, I found this location to be the most appropriate:



Because the surface is smooth enough, it is very easy to stick. Pro claims to have more suction force. We borrowed an iPhone XS Max to test it. How is it performing? No problem at all! According to the SCOSCHE, Pro suction is 30% stronger than Original. The comparison between the small series and the field also confirms this. The magnet of the Pro magnet is indeed stronger than the Original. It's better to get Pro for a heavyweight phone like the iPhone XS Max.


MagicMount Elite


This Elite phone mount has an all-metal design and has won many awards. There are two colors: black and silver, we get the silver one. Accessories are more luxurious than Pro, with iron plates, PopSockets iron sheets, curved surface adapter boards, color product introductions, brochures, and cleaning wipes.



The metal texture is so good, it feels very smooth. I personally think that if Apple has a mobile phone holder, then this should be what it looks like. There are no other types of plastic ball knobs, Elite is directly fixed by the friction of the metal.



Worried that it can't be positioned? Come see our test. Let's put it in the car first:



In fact, the friction of this mount is very strong, even a larger phone such as the iPhone XS Max can be well supported. In addition, thanks to the built-in 4 powerful neodymium magnets, Elite's suction is even better than Pro.



I think Elite is more suitable for who that are pursuing beauty. After all, high-end car interiors are made of aluminum, solid wood, leather, etc. The plastic mobile phone holder is not very tasteful in it, and the all-metal mount looks way much better.


MagicMount Charge



As the name suggests, this magnetic phone holder supports Qi wireless charging. 10W fast charge, mainstream mobile phones such as iPhone, Samsung are supported, the box is the largest of this series:



Compared with the size of the mobile phone, it seems that the accessories are very rich, what's in there? Here you go:



The base can be replaced, no matter if you want to place it on the center console or stick it on the glass.



The iron bar is easy to install and fits on the outside of the phone case. We use it. Use the U-shaped indicator board to align the bottom of the phone and easily install the iron bars in place.



There is no need to repeat the installation of the mobile phone mount. It is worth mentioning that the suction cup behind it is very strong and does not shake at all. After determining the position, connect the power cable to the car charger and you're done.



Start the vehicle, pay attention to the charging symbol in the upper right corner, and successfully charged! With the wireless CarPlay, some MINIs were originally equipped with a wireless charging pad, but unfortunately, I don’t know what engineers think, mobile phones like the iPhone XS Max can’t fit in the wireless charge holder! With this Scosche wireless charging stand, the problem is solved perfectly.



In conclusion, the magnetic bracket has many advantages and is very easy to use. The SCOSCHE works very well and is worth every penny.

  • Original MagicMount is the most affordable, the most compact accessories, suitable for users with small mobile phones;
  • Pro is more suitable for most users, in addition to our adhesive type, there are other models to choose from;
  • Elite is for high-end users, it is a bit more expensive but it is made of all-metal;
  • Charge supports wireless charging, phone can be charged while put on, eliminating the process of plugging in, which is very convenient.



91 days ago

Six-Cylinder Developed by M Will The New BMW S58 Engine Become Legend

BMW just announced brand new X3 M/X4 M high-performance SUV, which not only marks the first ever M series X3 was born, but also brings the new high-level S58 engine——the processor of the old S55 engine.



The new X3 M/X4 M is powered by the newly developed engine S58B30, which is made by M GmbH. To understand the S58, we have to mention its blueprint B58 engine first.



Launched in 2015, the B58 engine features an inline six-cylinder design with a displacement of 3.0 and is typically turbocharged. The engine is currently available in a large number of applications, including the new 3 Series, 5 Series, 7 Series, etc. B58 engine is also used in the latest Z4, as well as Toyota Supra and M-tuned models such as the M140i and M340i. However, the pure-blood M model will not use B58.



BMW is known for performance, while the M series stands for highest performance BMW models. The current M3/M4 model uses the S55 engine which is a great engine, but with the launch of the new S58 engine, the S55 will be replaced (Because of the emission regulations). Here is the parameter table for several BMW engines.



Although displacement is marked 3.0, in fact, S58 and B58 are not exactly the same. The S58 engine has a slightly larger bore and a shorter stroke (84mm/90mm), while the B58 has a slightly smaller bore and a longer stroke (82mm/94.6mm). The displacement algorithm is (bore/2) X (bore/2) X π X stroke X cylinder number, with simple math we will find out S58 displacement is reduced from B58 by 5cc. Generally speaking, the larger the cylinder diameter, the shorter the stroke and the smaller the radius of the crankshaft, resulting in better redline and the better performance. This is the motion diagram of the cylinder stroke ratio:



What is the difference between different cylinder stroke ratios? Simply put, we can compare the engine to a boxer. Let's see piston as fist. If the piston is large in size and short in stroke, then each punching distance is short, each punch speed can be fast, and the number of punches per minute will be higher (as shown in the left above). If the stroke is longer, the distance from one punch will be longer as well. The acceleration of each punch is greater, and the torque will be higher. But again, each time it will take more time to punch, the number of punches per minute is relatively small (as shown in the right above).



In theory, the new S58 engine can use a larger size of the intake and exhaust valves, and the redline will be higher which means more horsepower and better performance. In fact, that's true, S58 is called "the most powerful straight-six petrol engine ever" by BMW itself. 



The S58 engine pair with a twin-turbocharger (the B58 is a twin-screw single-turbo), but BMW calls both turbines "TwinPower Turbo", which is very confusing. Regardless of the name, the S58 engine is indeed the strongest of all current BMW inline six-cylinder engines. This is the dyno chart of the new X3 M Standard with S58 engine:



As we can see from the chart, S58 is very powerful. The power curve is very good and strong, peak torque is from 2600 RPM all the way to 5600 RPM. The final data for S58 is 480 hp (353KW) @5600RPM, 442 lb-ft (600Nm) torque @2600~5600RPM. Here is the chart for the Competition versions:



The output is higher for almost the same engine. Torque is the same as the standard version, but horsepower raised to 503@5950RPM. BMW's M-series models have shown amazing thermostability on the track. As the most powerful model in the family, the S58 is no exception. With closed-deck design, S58 can take higher cylinder pressure. So-called closed-deck means that engine blocks have metal all around the cylinder except the holes which allow coolant to flow. 



In addition to the excellent cylinder design, BMW designed new intake air, new oil cooler, new intercooler and other parts for S58. The trending 3D printing technology is also used in the manufacture of S58 engine. Due to the complicated shape, the cylinder head part of S58 is difficult to manufacture by the traditional casting process. This part uses 3D printing technology not only reduce the weight of the cylinder head but also optimizes the cooling duct.



As well as B58, the S58 also adopted the VALVETRONIC fully variable valve timing and Double-VANOS variable camshaft timing technology. This helps reduce emissions and increase performance. Next, S58 engine should be carried on the next generation M2 and M3, but Toyota Supra is unlikely to get the S58. After all, this engine is the combination of BMW's current high-end technology, and it's not available for BMW's non-pure blood M models, let alone other manufacturers' models.



By: Zheyan Li

Photos: BMW



658 days ago

2017 Infiniti Q60 2017 Infiniti Q60

The base 39-month lease deal for the 2017 INFINITI Q60 Coupe 2.0t Premium starts from $369 per month with $3,999 due at signing. Buyers wanting the 3.0t Premium model can pick it up for $429 per month with $3,899 due at signing. Quote For Price>>



Design That Knows No Bounds. Daring curves, deep creases, and flowing lines intensify Q60's low, wide, powerful stance. Signature elements like eye-inspired headlights and a double-arch grille make it unmistakably INFINITI. Progressive and modern, yet dynamic and moving, this is a new kind of sports coupe.



Q60 features a front and rear “Zero Lift” design that helps keep the vehicle stable at high speeds (It helps keep the vehicle from lifting at high speeds, which can make changes to the vehicle's stability and steering). It also helps keep the vehicle more stable in cross-wind situations.




It all begins with the available twin-turbo V6 that can put up to 400 horsepower on the road. It’s a lot of power, and INFINITI has developed some cutting-edge technologies that let you harness all of it.



664 days ago

Diamond-Like Styling Meets Sporty City Driving 2018 Toyota C-HR

The all-new 2018 C-HR crossover is finally starting to arrive at dealers. Based on a concept originally intended as a Scion vehicle, it offers a more compact alternative to the popular RAV4. Toyota continues to offer a small $500 bonus incentive on the C-HR for current Scion owners.  MSRP: from $22,500Quote For Price>>



Distinctive style meets rebellious spirit in the first-ever 2018 Toyota C-HR. Introducing an edgy new ride that effortlessly takes center stage. Uniquely expressive, C-HR's precision-cut lines let it shine from every angle. 



This is the look that moves you. Standard vortex-styled 18-in. Sport alloy wheels perfectly complement C-HR's Unique design. 



Standard halogen headlights with unique cluster LED Daytime Running lights, plus a head-turning set of artfully sculpted taillights, shine a brilliant light on C-HR's edgy look and feel.



665 days ago

2018 Audi Q5 2018 Audi Q5

Starting MSRP of $41,500 for a 2018 Q5 2.0T with automatic transmission. Quote For Price>>


Redesigned and reimagined from the outside in, the Audi Q5 exudes style and refinement everywhere you look. From the flowing exterior Shoulder line to the luxurious amenities within, you’ll see we’re redefining how an SUV looks — and feels.



Appointed with rich infotainment systems, the all-new Audi Q5 lets you live the good life. The available Audi virtual cockpit is a fully digital 12.3-inch instrument cluster that allows the driver to customize information such as navigation and audio, offering classic and infotainment modes as well as Google Earth™ or Google Street View™ screen options.




Just when you thought you knew what to expect in a luxury SUV, the Q5 comes along with unrivaled craftsmanship and unparalleled style, creating a class all its own.



701 days ago

The King of Budget Sporty New Subaru WRX

Feast your hands on this.
Every Subaru is built with features important to you. And when it comes to the WRX and WRX STI, that means style, power, and all-out performance. Starting MSRP: $26,695
Razor-Sharp Handling.
  • The balanced design of Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive creates uniform stability and delivers an optimal distribution of power for maximum traction. It makes for improved handling, efficiency, and a quicker response to road conditions.
  • ​Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC) with Active Torque Vectoring sharpens cornering response for tighter lines through every turn. It actively reduces understeer so the apex of every corner is just an easy turn of the wheel.
  • High-Performance Suspension and Quick-Ratio Steering; Aluminum Front Lower Control Arms and Double Wishbone Rear Suspension; 



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