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Free shipping + Buy 3 Get 1 Free DailyVita WOHO Fresh American Ginseng@Amazon



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WOHO American Ginseng (Extra Jumbo) 8oz (3-5 roots)

WOHO Fresh American Ginseng Jumbo 8oz (6-8 Roots)

Recommended:The Best Ginseng is Fresh Ginseng! Fresh Ginseng has 14% more Nutritional Value than dry ginseng, its efficacy, color, and taste is superior to dry ginseng. It can be used in soups, stews, tinctures, and teas! Fresh ginseng has a sweet taste after cooking, it supports the immune system, and helps strengthen body functions before winter.

Our Fresh American Ginseng comes direct from the farm. We hand sort and clean every root and package it tightly so it stays as fresh as possible while it travels to your home.


Cooking With Fresh Ginseng
Use fresh ginseng to make tea, with rice, make soups with chicken or beef or pork, and even make ginseng wine by soaking it in liquor or spirits for an extended period of time.

How to Store Fresh Ginseng

When you receive fresh ginseng, there may be slight moisture during transport, please take them out from the bag as soon as possible, dry, resealed and refrigeration again. keep dry. They can keep fresh for 10 days while refrigeration. Fresh ginseng like fresh fruits, for freshness, please have them as soon as possible. If you can not eat them all, they can be stored in the refrigerator freezer. When cooking them, directly put the frozen ginseng into the pot stew.

About the size:

Extra Jumbo with top soil 8oz (3-5 roots)


After washed:



Jumbo with top soil 8oz (6-8 roots)



After washed:



WOHO American ginseng Family Pack - Roots & slices all in one 4oz:

  • WOHO American ginseng Family Pack - Roots & slices all in one 4oz:
  • Economy bundle. Save money. Perfect for family or self use.
  • Roots & slices all in one. Convenient for multi-purpose use.
  • Resealable container, for easy storage.
  • Premium Quality from barrel.
  • Add it to tea or meal, Bring energy to your daily life.

original price $34.87/box, buy 4 or more, $26.15/box

original price:$31.87/box, buy 4 or more $23.90/box

original price:$34.87/box, buy 4 or more,$26.15/box


WOHO American Ginseng:

original price:$31.95/box, buy 4 or more, get the price $23.96/box

original price:$40.25/box, buy 4 or more $30.19/box

original price:$67.90/bag, buy 4 or more $50.93/bag

original price:$44.25/box, buy 4 or more $33.19/box

original price:$20.95/box, buy 4 or more $14.36/box


Wild Caught Sea Cucumber - lowest price:

original price:$47.95/box, buy 4 or more $35.96/box   $143.85/pound

original price:$59.95/box, buy 4 or more $44.96/box



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Features: American ginseng is the favorite and top choice by ginseng consumers, while the taste of its ginseng has a sweet aftertaste. The texture is hard which makes it resistant when making tea. It is the best choice as gifts. American ginseng needs to be planted in a virgin land with specific soil and weather conditions. In order to ensure good quality, the yield is much less than that of Canada and China. 3G ginseng is definitely the most cost-effective and decent choice!


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American Ginseng Bullet Small 3oz X 3 boxes       Special Price: $105.27     Regular Price: $162.50

American Ginseng Long Small 8oz bag         Special Price: $60.74     Regular Price: $82.00

American Ginseng Prong Large 4oz box (economy package, no gift box)      Special Price: $22.50    Regular Price: $31.25

American Ginseng Tea 50 bags package        Special Price: $23.39     Regular Price: $32.99


Usage information:

  • American ginseng can be kept for two to three years in a dry and cool condition.
  • Besides making soup, American ginseng can be sliced after steaming for 10 to 15 minutes. Chew or put slices into water hereafter.  Shop Now>>
  • Suggestion:  2 to 4 grams for an adult per day.
  • American Ginseng is not classified as a drug. Please consult your physician if you have a potential or existing medical condition.


Fall Ginseng Garden-- Green Gold Ginseng LLC



Company & Product Introduction

  • Wisconsin, which is renowned for its fertile soils as well as suitable weather condition.
  • American Ginseng is the perfect healthy food. It has traditionally been used to improve energy levels without causing overstimulation or overheating of the body. Local climate and soil are critical to American Ginseng's growth and taste. Normally it takes 3-5 years before our ginseng roots are harvested. What makes ginseng from Marathon County so special? Why are the vast majority of American ginseng farms located in Marathon County, Wisconsin? The answer is simple: because of our unique location at the 45th parallel we have long winters, heavy snow, and soils high in mineral content.
  • Green Gold Ginseng proudly presents American ginseng of the highest quality at affordable prices, plus beautiful hand packaging. Whether you choose to consume it at home or send it as a gift, Green Gold Ginseng is always a great choice!    Shop Now >>


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