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ExpiredBlack Friday Exclusive: Korean TAMI SENSE Revitalizing All in One Mask Sale

45% Off
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1. Tami Sense Revitalizing All in One Mask 1 SET (5 EA): Main Ingredients 1. EGF, 2. 5-Peptide, 3. Botanical Stem Cell, 4. Rice Fermented Extract (Lactobacillus)

2. EGF is naturally found in our skin but its presence diminishes notably with age (over 50% after the age of 30) and UV light exposure and the renewal of epidermal cells noticeably slows down. The deficiency of EGF results in skin aging, in formation of wrinkles, freckles and age marks.

3. Famenity's Novel Stabilizing Technology:Current EGF and bFGF are very sensitive at high temperature and lose their activity at long-term storage in aqueous environment; it is difficult to apply current EGF and bFGF to cream and lotion, etc. Plant-derived EGF is stable but does not maintain activity due to the glycosylation. This specialized facial mask, designed to restore visible aged skin, helps rejuvenating skin barrier and finding its own glow.

4. Granted Patents: In order to overcome the problems, Famenity has successfully developed stable-EGF and stable-bFGF which maintain their activity at high temperature and last for long-term storage in solution and cosmetic environment. With the technology Famenity was granted the patents of highly stabilized epidermal growth factor mutants (KP 10-1519118, USP 9102755).

5. How to use 1. After cleansing, soothe your face with toner. 2.Take mask sheet out of package, align holes with eyes, nose and mouth. 3.Remove the mask after 10-20 minutes, simply massage any excess into your skin and let it soak up the goodness. Thanks to highly concentrated essence, masking Tami Sense All in One once a week is enough to be hydrated and get that dewy look.



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