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Sheng Kee’s Original Small Mooncakes
This is where it all started. 75 years ago, in our original Taipei Location we build our name and our brand off of one product, traditional Mooncakes. My grandmother gathered experts and collected recipes from all over China. After narrowing down the best ones, she focused on the processes on how to make the best pastes and fillings in order to make the perfect mooncake. We are very proud of her dedication, resolve, and results. The Date, Red Bean, Lotus, and Pineapple pastes we make reflect her lifetime of dedication to making the perfect Mooncake.




Sheng Kee’s Luna Pastries
Imagine twilight and that perfect moment when the full moon meets the horizon. Our Luna pastry is perfectly balanced between Day time and Night time. The flakey pearl pastry matched paired with azuki red bean all wrapped around a soft center of cheese. This Flakey Pastry will take you to the Moon and back. You will be riding on top of a Red Bean Rocket-ship in orbit around a Soft Cheese filling. Layers of Flakey Pastry and Red Bean wrapped around a center of Soft Cheese.




Sheng Kee’s Autumn Fruit Mooncakes

Imagine a tropical full moon. Our brand-new Autumn Fruit Mooncakes will take you on a tropical journey. Bright and Fresh new flavors made from the most delicious island fruits. In every box there are two Lychee, two Mango, two Banana, and two Mulberry Mooncakes. Designed to remind your taste buds of that perfect time in between Summer and Autumn.


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