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Dealmoon Exclusive: COSMETEA Skincare Products Sale

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The ‘COSMETEA’ brand was founded with the world’s first ‘Tea Cosmetics’ concept by blending unique Korean, Chinese and Japanese tea materials (representing the world’s tea culture), with different tea materials from other Eastern and Western countries using COSMETEA’s own technology.



2. Why did COSMETEA pay attention to tea? 

Tea has been loved by people for a long time as a harmless drink that provides various pharmacological and functional actions along with psychological actions in alleviating tension.Tea is the optimum material in this well-being generation as its effects, scent and story shower contemporary people who live in a harsh and fast-changing society, with leisure and fragrance in life.COSMETEA continues on its efforts to breathe life to the skin by incorporating the best of the tea’s energy into all lines of its products. This is achieved by extracting tea from raw tea leaves, tea flowers, tea roots and tea seeds, and blending them with the most suitable vegetable oil and vegetable extracts.


3. Base materials and functions 

COSMETEA specially focused on ‘tea leaves’ which has a long history of being utilized for tea drinking worldwide. ‘Tea water,’ made by brewing tea leaves are used in place of purified water in all product lines of COSMETEA to deliver inherent cleansing and purified energy of tea deep into the skin and ultimately, help find balance within the skin.





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