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A 8-in-1 full-face TREATMENT MASK : in only 15 minutes, get a facial that 1. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles, 2. Visibly lifts up your skin, 3. Clears small breakouts and acne 4. Tightens enlarged pores, 5. Hydrates your skin deeply, 6. Improves skin texture by gently removing dead cells, 7. Balances the epidermis pH level, 8. Brightens your complexion with a "just-came-out-the-spa" glow

NO PAIN, NO GAIN! 15 minutes of horror for a 15 years younger-looking skin… doesn’t sound so bad! After mixing the powder and activator, apply the mask on your face and feel it getting to work instantly!

DISCLAIMER: the “not-so flowery” scent of the Zombie Pack is caused by “albumin”, a natural ingredient extracted from egg whites proven for tightening and lifting effects. We strictly limit the amount of artificial ingredients (such as fragrances), so please bear it for a little while~

ALBUMIN & ALOE VERA EXTRACT sinks deep into skin, offering intense hydration and an instant lifting effect. Other natural ingredients include allantoin, lavender oil, centella asiatica, sea buckthorn extract, birch extract, adenosine, and rose of jericho extract






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