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Expired Build a US Credit History With The SelfScore MasterCard


Now is the right time to build your credit history in the U.S. A long-term positive credit history improves your access to fair interest rates and other financial products like loans and mortgages. One of the simplest paths to a good credit history is responsible use of a credit card for personal expenses. But for international students living and studying in the U.S, getting a credit card can be a challenge, especially without a Social Security number.

If you’re looking for a credit card to start building a credit history in the U.S., your options include a secured credit card or becoming an authorized user of your family member or friend‘s credit card. SelfScore, however, offers international students a U.S. credit card using an innovative credit scoring method to determine your creditworthiness. SelfScore examines factors that traditional scoring overlooks including education and future employability.


Here are the benefits of the SelfScore MasterCard:

  • No Social Security Number, credit history, or security deposit required for application
  • No Annual Fee and a $500 starting credit limit.
  • Monthly report of credit activity to the major US credit bureaus to start building your credit history and credit score (you can easily update your SelfScore profile with your SSN once you receive it).
  • Free access to your credit card online account 24/7 to manage your card activity.
  • 1st late payment fee waived.
  • A fair credit product for international students in the U.S.


The online application process for the SelfScore MasterCard is quick and simple. Upload your passport, U.S. student visa (F, M, or J), most recent I-20 form, and latest US bank account statements over a secure link. Start building your credit history in the U.S. Apply Now


About SelfScore


SelfScore offers U.S. credit to international students through an innovative approval process that goes beyond traditional credit scoring by examining factors that include education and future employability. We help students build stronger financial futures and become independent. Read more. About Us


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