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Expired Dealmoon Exclusive! 15% off Iconic Janelle in Black and Bone @ Bally



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Expired New Collection Cecyle @ Bally



Introducing Cecyle by Bally 

Fine leather craftsmanship and discerning design have been the hallmarks of Bally
since its foundation in 1851. A century and a half of expertise have come together
to find their latest expression in the new Cecyle.

An iconic new range of carry-wear, Cecyle's elegance and character is defined by
its distinctive half-moon shape and alluring key-hole closure.
The collection pays homage to Carl Franz Bally's beloved wife Cecyle Rychnertogether
the founding members of a dynasty which gave life to one of the world's
most loved and trusted luxury brands.

From small leather goods through to generously proportioned handbags, the
Cecyle embodies the simplicity, elegance and style which were the distinguishing
characteristics of Mme Cecyle Bally herself, and which inspired Carl Franz to devote
his life to creating the finest shoes and accessories to meet her exacting standards.
A tradition for excellence which continues to this day.

The Cecyle is a contemporary reinterpretation of the traditional saddle bag shape
with cross body functionality. Crafted in Italy using an assortment of different hides
and colours, Cecyle is instantly recognisable for its rarefied half-moon shape which
balances formal rigour with the soft sensuality and geometric playfulness of its
curved base.
The iconic magnetic keyhole closure, in robust dye cast metal adds an elegantly
idiosyncratic touch to the bag - a graphic evocation of the intimate and intensely
personal place that the handbag has in a woman’s life.

The red and white chevron detail showcases a new interpretation of the Bally stripe,
used in Bally’s design since 1939 and which also features as leather and studding
detail in the collection. Plain leather and croco-print versions of Cecyle are also
available in black and corvette in two sizes.

A provocative statement which leaves onlookers intrigued about the precious secrets concealed within the Cecyle's graceful shape.