All Deals Travel Flights Limited time offer: 50% Bonusfor transferring your Membership Rewards Points to Iberia Airlines

Expired Limited time offer: 50% Bonus for transferring your Membership Rewards Points to Iberia Airlines


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American Express is currently running a point-transferring promotion with Iberia Airlines. Card members who has Membership Rewards points can transfer their points to Iberia Plus Avios miles and enjoy a 50% transfer bonus until 12/15. Normally 250 Membership Rewards points can convert into 200 Avios miles, but with the promotion you can earn 100 more which will end up to give you 300 Avios miles. You can take advantage of this promotion, by click here>>


Maybe some people would ask, what is Iberia Airlines? I could not barely see their flights. And how to use their Avios? 



Well, Iberia Airlines is one of member airlines in One World Alliance, which makes them also a partner with American Airlines. In this case, you can redeem Iberia’s Avios miles and fly on American Airlines. What’s more, due to the deep partnership between British Airways and Iberia Airlines, your Iberia Avios miles can transfer into British Airways Avios miles at 1:1 rate. 


Talking about how to use the Iberia Avois miles, the most important things is that it can only redeem a round trip flight. So you cannot use your Avois miles for a one-way flight. However, in this case, you can transfer your miles in to British Airways and use BA Avois to book a one way flight. 



If your flight is less than 1000 miles, the Iberia Avois might be your No.1 choice to redeem for a round trip flight on American Airlines. Here is the comparison (round trip):

  • 0-600miles: 11000 Iberia Avios; 15000 British Airways Avois; 15000 AAdvantage miles (must within 500miles)
  • 601-1000: 12000 Iberia Avios; 15000 British Airways Avois; 25000 AAdvantage miles


Let’s say you want to book a round trip between San Francisco and Los Angeles, you just need 11000 Iberia Avios miles instead of 15000 on American Airlines and British Airways. With the current promotion, your trip just cost you about 7334 Membership Rewards points, which is a pretty sweet deal.


Would you try to take advantage of this limited time promotion? 


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