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Skip the Car StuffTake on Car Hassles with the 100% Electric Nissan LEAF®
326 days ago

Skip the Car Stuff Take on Car Hassles with the 100% Electric Nissan LEAF®

Bestselling EV in the World: As of September 2016, the Nissan Leaf is the world's all-time best selling highway-capable all-electric car with almost 240,000 units sold since 2010. The United States is the world's largest Leaf market, and passed the 100,000 unit milestone in October 2016. More Information>>



Efficiency in every detail: It’s designed for efficiency, and that doesn't just mean the electric motor. With an aerodynamic body, regenerative brakes, and available LED low-beam headlights that use half the energy of traditional ones, the Nissan LEAF gets more miles and more fun out of every kilowatt. Nissan LEAF can be charged easily at home charging station or at over 20,000 LEAF compatible charging stations nationwide. More Information>>



Fewer Parts. Less Maintenance: Say goodbye to pricey oil changes and tune-ups. With fewer moving parts than any car you’ve ever owned, the Nissan LEAF is ultra low maintenance. More Information>>



“Skip the Car Stuff” Car ownership is complicated, expensive and sometimes messy. For a lot of people in Nissan’s target audience, car ownership is at best a necessary evil, and at worst an overwhelming hassle. THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT CAR STUFF. They would rather just skip it. Nissan appealed to this segment of the population by creating a series of fake ads for traditional car parts and services. When the user “skips” these boring ads, it will lead them into messaging about the LEAF—the car that lets you skip all the car stuff. “Take on Car Hassles with the 100% Electric Nissan LEAF®” More Information>>



LEAF’s Best range ever: 107 MPGe. The Nissan LEAF is built with nine range-maximizing features that help you go farther - up to 107 miles on every charge. Its advanced technology is smart it adjusts constantly to reflect the changes in your battery charge levels — so you’ll know when it’s time to plug in.LEAF’s primary competitors include Chevy Volt, Ford Focus EV and Fiat 500e etc. More Information>>



Based on consumer feedback, LEAF’s driving experience is easy, quiet yet smooth, especially during acceleration. More Information>>



As Low As $11,510New Nissan LEAF Sale (in select areas)
335 days ago

Expired As Low As $11,510 New Nissan LEAF Sale (in select areas)

At HomeNissan510


Most Environment Friendly vehicleNissan LEAF
346 days ago

Most Environment Friendly vehicle Nissan LEAF

The Nissan LEAF® is 100% electric. That means no gas. None. So forget about the cost of a gallon, and say hello to freedom from the pump. Because the only time you’ll be going to the gas station is whenever you need to put air in your tires. Bestselling. Nissan LEAF is the best-selling Electric Vehicle in the US. Click for More information>>


The 2016 model year LEAF with the 30 kWh battery is 172 km (107 miles) on a full battery charge. S model's entry-level onboard charger needs a lengthy 8 hours to fully charge the battery pack. Features>>



Thanks Obama, customers can enjoy up to $7,500 Federal Tax Savings when purchasing LEAF. CA government provides extra $5000 credit loans.



107HP Electric motors, 24-30 kWh 360 V lithium-ion. Charging time reduced from 8 hours to 4 hours. 



Better looking plus upgraded interior. Save more energy with Bose Energy Efficient System. Carwings app is a smarter way to connect your smart phone to your car. Click For Gallery>>


100% electric, super easy to charge. Nissan LEAF is 100% Electric. Charging LEAF is like charging a cell phone. It can be done easily at home charging station or at over 20,000 LEAF compatible charging stations nationwide.