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Last Update 2016-08-15

Get the no hassle low prices with TrueCar

Dealmoon Auto

Buying a car at the right price can be hard, but TrueCar has made the process super-easy. Here's how.

  • First, go on the TrueCar webpage and select the car you want.
  • Compare the prices with the provided chart.
  • If the TrueCar estimate price is near the average paid price or within the good range, then click next to find the lowest price certificate that made the TrueCar estimate price and how other dealers priced.
  • Select the dealer with the lowest priced certificate, click NEXT and fill the contact infomation, then you will get the certificate.
  • If the car or the dealer with the lowest priced certificate is not the best fit for you, you may try send the lowest priced certificate to other dealer that fits better for you to see if they can give you the same low price. If yes, make sure they are not downgrading the car with fewer options.
  • Bring the certificate to the dealer and take your car home.  

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