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ExpiredDealmoon Exclusive: TAETEA Pu-erh Tea Limited Time Offer

Up To 31% Off
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Brand story:TAETEA is the first brand of Pu'er tea in China, and currently has more than 90% of the patented technology of the entire Pu'er tea industry. In 2008, “TAETEA Production Skills” was selected as a national intangible cultural heritage. In April 2011, TAETEA Group Menghai Tea Factory was selected as the “China Time-honored Brand” directory. In November 2011, “TAETEA” was recognized as a well-known trademark in China.

TAETEA officially settled in the, allowing American tea lovers to drink the most authentic Pu'er tea. The products of this event include teabags, traditional cakes, teas bricks, teacups, and various exquisite packaging can also to be Christmas gifts.


Introduction of Puerh:The longer the year, the more mellow the tea is. It is an important attribute of Pu'er tea products. The longer the year of production, the higher the tannin content in Pu'er tea. After the fermentation of Pu'er tea, a large number of derivative substances appeared. Many of these derivatives are "factors" for the health care function of the human body. Due to different production processes, Pu'er tea is divided into raw tea and ripe tea. The raw tea is strong, the taste is strong, and the astringency is strong. The ripe tea is mild, the taste is mellow, the aftertaste is sweet, and the fragrance is fragrant.


The main benefit of raw tea: 1,Antioxidant, TAETEA Pu'er Tea is rich in tea polyphenols and trace elements such as selenium. After microbial fermentation, it can be well absorbed by the body and improve the antioxidant capacity of the body cells. 2, anti-radiation, TAETEA Pu'er tea has a variety of free radical scavenging ingredients: tea polyphenols, tea polysaccharides, tea protein, vitamins. 3, anti-cancer, tea polyphenols, tea polysaccharides can absorb radiation, complex with the heavy metals in the esophagus, making it difficult to be absorbed by the body, tea soup can effectively reduce the body's nitrite to nitrate, Reduce its harm to the human body. 4, antibacterial and antiviral; 5, weight loss and digestion;


The main benefit of ripe tea: 1. Lowering blood pressure, dietary fiber in tea soup and some macromolecular substances can reduce the increase of exogenous cholesterol and fat in the blood and reduce the viscosity of blood vessels. 2, lowering blood fat, Pu'er ripe tea is not simply lowering blood lipids, but has a good function of regulating blood lipids. 3, lowering blood sugar, tea polysaccharide has a good effect of lowering blood sugar. 4, to protect gastrointestinal function, rich in microbial enzymes, promote the secretion of pepsin. Rich in caffeine, flavanol, etc., can increase the peristalsis of the digestive tract to help digestion. Drinking Pu'er tea for a long time can play a role in nourishing the stomach and protecting the stomach. 5, beauty and beauty, thearin removes free radicals, anti-oxidation, tea polyphenols can remove the greasy skin surface, astringent pores, anti-inflammatory sterilization, rich in amino acids and unsaturated fatty acids can increase skin elasticity and cell vitality, play anti-aging The role.


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