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Last Update 2019-04-17

Scosche Boom Bottle MM

Waterproof Wireless MigicMount

Nowadays, wireless speakers on the market are difficult to choose from. You have no idea whether it is sound good or have great function. But Scosche's wireless speaker, which stands out in the market, has unique features that can meet the needs of some users. I never thought about it before: the wireless speaker has a magnetic base, plus the bottle opener, with the waterproof and dustproof design, when the completely irrelevant things are combined, it's magically so easy to use.



This is a Bluetooth speaker from Scosche, named the BoomBottle MM. Schosche is a company that is very creative. When I first got this speaker, I was a little bit arrogant: This is a sports wattle bottle?

 As the name suggests, it looks like a water bottle. The left picture is BoomBottle MM, and the right is my daily-used water bottle:


 The benefits of this styling are obvious: it can be conveniently placed on the side of the cup holder or backpack. Tied to bicycles, snowmobiles, etc. is more convenient:


 With the IP67 waterproof and dustproof, the Boom Bottle MM is born for the outdoors. As the latest in the series, this generation of products is very mature. Three large buttons protected by rubber sleeves make it easy to handle even with gloves. Open the waterproof and dustproof case, which is the full interface of the whole speaker: USB-C charging port and AUX 3.5mm input port:


 What is MagicMount? The upper and lower sides of this speaker have built-in powerful magnets. The top can be used to place the phone, and the bottom can be attached to a ferromagnetic surface like this:


 When playing a music or video, the speaker can be used as a mobile phone holder. This idea is simply fantastic. Built-in dual 45MM large size unit and 2 woofers, sound quality 360 ° playback.


You can use two speakers as a stereo, which is similar to the popular Apple HomePod. The sound quality is nice, I feels pretty comfortable and playing pop music is very sensational.



Built-in 4000mA battery, the endurance official claims can be used up to 12 hours, the actual use is probably around 8 to 10 hours of power, I think it should be related to the volume. There is also a built-in microphone that can be used to make calls. In addition to these regular speaker functions, there is also a god design: the bottle opener. The top of the speaker can be used to attach the phone, can also be used as a hook, and can also open a beer bottle, and it is very handy:



If you are an urban white-collar worker, sitting in the office every day, going home and listen to a symphony, this speaker will probably not your favorite. But if you are an outdoor worker or sports enthusiast, with water bottle design, waterproof and dustproof, upper and lower double magnetic surface, bottle opener, this speaker might be your best choice.

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