Making the Best Use of Your Basement

Making the Best Use of Your Basement

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If you have an unfinished basement, you probably struggle with how to make the most of it. It can be a damp and musty space — and you may not feel comfortable storing things down there. But even an unfinished basement has a lot of potential if you know how to work with this space.

The following ideas can help you make the most of your basement.

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Add Lights

Basements tend to be dark, which can limit the usefulness of the space. But adding lighting will help. String lights can illuminate the entire space. Or you can add task lighting over specific work areas, such as your washing machine and dryer.

Paint the Walls

In many cases, an unfinished basement will have cinder block walls. Even if this has been painted in the past, it might be time to give it a fresh coat. And you don’t have to stick with white or gray. Choose any light or bright color that makes you happy.

Use Foam Mats on the Floor

Unfinished basements are not designed for comfort, but that doesn’t mean they cannot be made more comfortable. One way to do that is by adding foam mats. Several possible options are available at your local home improvement or big box stores. Interlocking mats can fit in just about any space.

Install Storage

Finally, make the most of your basement by installing convenient storage. You can buy plastic or wire shelving units that will create more space. Use containers and bins to store items and keep them safe from moisture, mildew or mold.

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