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$20.99 Scosche HUD

  • Scosche offers the Scosche HUD for $20.99 via coupon code "Dealmoon30".
  • Free shipping.


28 days ago

$13.99 SCOSCHE X ROCKSTAR Wireless Speaker



49 days ago

Made By SCOSCHE The Best Magnetic Phone Mount

The safety is the most important thing for us, you need to drive to meet your daily life in most parts of North America. A study shows the mobile phone has a great impact on driving safety. A mobile phone is not the accessory that comes with the car, there is no suitable place to place it. If you put the phone in the cup holder, it is unsafe to look down. As the vehicle moves and the phone sways back and forth, it is very annoying. Therefore, it is imperative to purchase a suitable mobile phone holder.



After trying a variety of mobile phone mounts, today I will give you a brand that has recently made us very happy: SCOSCHE. The California-based accessories company was founded in 1980, 40 years ago. Their products focus mainly on accessories for mobile devices, such as cell phone holders, headphones, Bluetooth speakers, and even heart rate monitors. After visiting the brand at CES, I was very interested; but they have a wide variety of products, and the difference is not easy to find out. Just coincidentally, we got a full set of magnetic mobile phone holders of the SCOSCHE products. Enjoying happiness alone is not as happy as sharing it. We decided to share the experience with you.



SCOSCHE have four categories according to categories: MagicMount Charge, Original MagicMount, MagicMount Pro, and MagicMount Elite.



After tried them out, I found that the differentiation of these four products is obvious. Start by packing the smallest Original on the right.



Original MagicMount



Here's what inside:



Installation is very simple, first put the protective sticker to the back of the phone, without wireless charging you can directly attach to the back center, with wireless charging on the back of the back position, probably like this:



Apple original silicone shell and original leather shell are compatible with this mount. After testing the iron piece, no problem with the suction force. There is also a small clip on the back of the bracket that fixes the charging cable. It is very intimate:



Although this car has CarPlay, there is no suitable position to put the phone. I usually put the phone in the cup holder, if you got two drinks, you will have a problem:



Let's install a SCOSCHE's mount! it is the simplest and most reliable adhesive installation, the installation takes only 1 minute, 30 seconds for finding the right position and 30 seconds for the stronghold to ensure firmness:



The installation is complete! Put the phone on and try it out:



It's very nice.



MagicMount Pro

Pro is higher than Original, let's find out the difference together: First, the box is transparent, and the front cover can be opened directly to see the body.




Here's what inside:



Let's try this one on MINI. After some research, I found this location to be the most appropriate:



Because the surface is smooth enough, it is very easy to stick. Pro claims to have more suction force. We borrowed an iPhone XS Max to test it. How is it performing? No problem at all! According to the SCOSCHE, Pro suction is 30% stronger than Original. The comparison between the small series and the field also confirms this. The magnet of the Pro magnet is indeed stronger than the Original. It's better to get Pro for a heavyweight phone like the iPhone XS Max.


MagicMount Elite


This Elite phone mount has an all-metal design and has won many awards. There are two colors: black and silver, we get the silver one. Accessories are more luxurious than Pro, with iron plates, PopSockets iron sheets, curved surface adapter boards, color product introductions, brochures, and cleaning wipes.



The metal texture is so good, it feels very smooth. I personally think that if Apple has a mobile phone holder, then this should be what it looks like. There are no other types of plastic ball knobs, Elite is directly fixed by the friction of the metal.



Worried that it can't be positioned? Come see our test. Let's put it in the car first:



In fact, the friction of this mount is very strong, even a larger phone such as the iPhone XS Max can be well supported. In addition, thanks to the built-in 4 powerful neodymium magnets, Elite's suction is even better than Pro.



I think Elite is more suitable for who that are pursuing beauty. After all, high-end car interiors are made of aluminum, solid wood, leather, etc. The plastic mobile phone holder is not very tasteful in it, and the all-metal mount looks way much better.


MagicMount Charge



As the name suggests, this magnetic phone holder supports Qi wireless charging. 10W fast charge, mainstream mobile phones such as iPhone, Samsung are supported, the box is the largest of this series:



Compared with the size of the mobile phone, it seems that the accessories are very rich, what's in there? Here you go:



The base can be replaced, no matter if you want to place it on the center console or stick it on the glass.



The iron bar is easy to install and fits on the outside of the phone case. We use it. Use the U-shaped indicator board to align the bottom of the phone and easily install the iron bars in place.



There is no need to repeat the installation of the mobile phone mount. It is worth mentioning that the suction cup behind it is very strong and does not shake at all. After determining the position, connect the power cable to the car charger and you're done.



Start the vehicle, pay attention to the charging symbol in the upper right corner, and successfully charged! With the wireless CarPlay, some MINIs were originally equipped with a wireless charging pad, but unfortunately, I don’t know what engineers think, mobile phones like the iPhone XS Max can’t fit in the wireless charge holder! With this Scosche wireless charging stand, the problem is solved perfectly.



In conclusion, the magnetic bracket has many advantages and is very easy to use. The SCOSCHE works very well and is worth every penny.

  • Original MagicMount is the most affordable, the most compact accessories, suitable for users with small mobile phones;
  • Pro is more suitable for most users, in addition to our adhesive type, there are other models to choose from;
  • Elite is for high-end users, it is a bit more expensive but it is made of all-metal;
  • Charge supports wireless charging, phone can be charged while put on, eliminating the process of plugging in, which is very convenient.



68 days ago

Editorial Review Scosche+ Armband Heart Rate Monitor

Fitness is becoming more and more popular, and fat reduction has become synonymous with healthy weight loss. A regular healthy athlete who spends 1 hour a day doing aerobic exercise and 1-hour doing anaerobic exercise is already a specific event that takes a lot of time. To improve the daily effect, either increase the exercise time or increase exercise efficiency. For those who have been exercising for 2 hours a day, it is highly likely that efficiency will be the only option.


How to improve the efficiency of exercise is a process in which human beings continue to explore and explore. This is the first to give everyone a general understanding of the basic theory of motion. The overall movement is divided into aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Simple can be summarized as aerobic exercise responsible for fat loss, and anaerobic exercise is responsible for muscle growth. If you want to lose weight, you need to do more aerobic exercise to increase the amount of calories you consume on a daily basis. Anaerobic can also increase calorie expenditure. It relies on anaerobic muscle-enhancing methods to increase the body's basal metabolic rate, thus allowing more static consumption per day. However, there is a limit to the increase in muscle mass. According to each person's talent, the limit of muscle mass per month is also different. It is difficult to see the effect in the short-term, and it is necessary to maintain muscle mass. A lot of heat.


But no matter which method you choose, you will eventually rely on a parameter to determine whether you are doing anaerobic exercise or aerobic exercise. This parameter is the heart rate.

  • Aerobic exercise: 60%-80% of the maximum heart rate; generally normal adults have a heart rate of around 190, so the movement between about 114-160 is aerobic. Representative sports: bicycle, jogging, elliptical machine.
  • Anaerobic exercise: When your heart rate continues to increase, beyond 80% of the maximum heart rate, what you do is anaerobic exercise. Representative sports: 100m/200m running, high speed skipping.

So how do you monitor your heart rate? Here we have three ways:


  • Smart sports watch (medium precision)
  • Smart bracelet (low precision)
  • Heart rate belt (real time high precision)

The advantage of sports watches is that they are fully functional and can take into account the necessary functions such as heart rate detection and calorie consumption calculation. However, the relative price is also high. From the practical point of view of sports, we can clearly feel that the wearing of the watch is too exposed, and in the multi-person sports, there is a volume disadvantage that is extremely prone to collision. The accuracy is average. For Apple Watch, it will estimate that your calorie consumption is higher than normal because you set it to the sports mode. Even if you are not moving, it is also sitting still. The calorie consumption in exercise mode may be for one hour. There will be 150 cal.


The advantages of the smart bracelet are obvious, the price is low, and the size is small and light. It is an excellent reference product in terms of daily tracking of personal consumption. But the disadvantages are equally obvious and the accuracy is poor. In the two hours that he hopes to track the accuracy, the sports bracelet often provides very poor precision and should not be used as a professional fitness product.



The accuracy of the heart rate belt is very high, but the disadvantage is that the appearance is ugly and the function is single. In addition to heart rate detection, other useful data is not available.

In a gym where everyone is sweating, a heart rate belt is a product that best suits the needs of the user. Relying on high-precision equipment to achieve more harvest, let 2 hours of input consume more fat, get more muscle, this is the positioning and direction of professional products.

The Scosche Rhythm+ heart rate belt is worn on the arm's heart rate belt, while the general heart rate belt is on the chest for precision.



The effect of the chest-type heart rate belt on breathing is more or less uncomfortable. I have a chest heart rate belt from Garmin. Because of the problem of elastic band, I often suffer from sweating and falling down. Tightening will cause breathing problems.



The Scosche Rhythm+ comes with a pair of long and short elastic band straps that can be worn by male and female users depending on their arm dimensions. The elasticated armband is made of velvet on one side and can be used with magic stickers. The other side is made of breathable sweat-absorbent and quick-drying material to fit the skin.



The product is equipped with a USB charger that can be fully charged in about 1 hour. Full power can provide real-time monitoring for up to 8 hours, even if the whole horse is fine. The three squares on the back of the main body of the product are sensors, and the two round metals are charging contacts.



The overall shape is simple. The buckles on both sides of the magic are very firm and will not cause a sudden collapse during exercise. After repeated pasting, the suede did not appear to become loose and loose.



Every Thursday night, I will meet up with friends to play a dozen basketball games. This day, just wearing the Scosche Rhythm+ heart rate test to test the situation. I can see that I started wearing it from around 4 pm and reached the peak during 9 pm, all of which were recorded.



At 6:40 in the afternoon, I arrived at the stadium and began to warm up, and my heart rate gradually increased. Before 6:40, I was in my normal heart rate range.



At 7 o'clock in the evening, the start of the basketball game, you can see that the heart rate has been kept in aerobic and anaerobic conditions (150 up and down) floating.

Everyone may feel strange why my heart rate will be as low as 44. I have a small heart rate that is slow, and I often have a heart rate below 50. These data are in full agreement with the tests taken by Garmin's heart rate belt that I wear at the same time. Compared to Garmin, Scosche Rhythm+ is more convenient and comfortable.

In addition, Scosche Rhythm+ automatically exports data via Bluetooth connection to the phone. It supports more than 200 mobile apps, including Nike+ Running, iCardio, Heart Zones and other apps. With these apps, you can further evaluate your jogging, sprint and other aspects to improve your pace, speed and so on.

As a bracelet for real-time heart rate monitoring, it can also cooperate with some alarm APPs to make timely feedback on the sudden drop in heart rate and heart rate, which is also a good product for the elderly in the family.

Finally, the price side. The price of $79 is not expensive compared to the heart rate belts of other reliable brands. As a product that amateurs enter the high-end field, I think it is a suitable cost-effective product for those who want to improve their efficiency in improving their sports. Portable, affordable, high-precision features are all within reach.



68 days ago

Waterproof Wireless MigicMount Scosche Boom Bottle MM

Nowadays, wireless speakers on the market are difficult to choose from. You have no idea whether it is sound good or have great function. But Scosche's wireless speaker, which stands out in the market, has unique features that can meet the needs of some users. I never thought about it before: the wireless speaker has a magnetic base, plus the bottle opener, with the waterproof and dustproof design, when the completely irrelevant things are combined, it's magically so easy to use.



This is a Bluetooth speaker from Scosche, named the BoomBottle MM. Schosche is a company that is very creative. When I first got this speaker, I was a little bit arrogant: This is a sports wattle bottle?

 As the name suggests, it looks like a water bottle. The left picture is BoomBottle MM, and the right is my daily-used water bottle:


 The benefits of this styling are obvious: it can be conveniently placed on the side of the cup holder or backpack. Tied to bicycles, snowmobiles, etc. is more convenient:


 With the IP67 waterproof and dustproof, the Boom Bottle MM is born for the outdoors. As the latest in the series, this generation of products is very mature. Three large buttons protected by rubber sleeves make it easy to handle even with gloves. Open the waterproof and dustproof case, which is the full interface of the whole speaker: USB-C charging port and AUX 3.5mm input port:


 What is MagicMount? The upper and lower sides of this speaker have built-in powerful magnets. The top can be used to place the phone, and the bottom can be attached to a ferromagnetic surface like this:


 When playing a music or video, the speaker can be used as a mobile phone holder. This idea is simply fantastic. Built-in dual 45MM large size unit and 2 woofers, sound quality 360 ° playback.


You can use two speakers as a stereo, which is similar to the popular Apple HomePod. The sound quality is nice, I feels pretty comfortable and playing pop music is very sensational.



Built-in 4000mA battery, the endurance official claims can be used up to 12 hours, the actual use is probably around 8 to 10 hours of power, I think it should be related to the volume. There is also a built-in microphone that can be used to make calls. In addition to these regular speaker functions, there is also a god design: the bottle opener. The top of the speaker can be used to attach the phone, can also be used as a hook, and can also open a beer bottle, and it is very handy:



If you are an urban white-collar worker, sitting in the office every day, going home and listen to a symphony, this speaker will probably not your favorite. But if you are an outdoor worker or sports enthusiast, with water bottle design, waterproof and dustproof, upper and lower double magnetic surface, bottle opener, this speaker might be your best choice.