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1. 越早开始约有保障,享受时间带来的复利。

2. 把每个月税前收入的15%放入共同基金/互惠基金(Mutual Funds)。

  • 把钱放入成长型股票共同基金(Growth-Stock Mutual Funds)作为长期投资。
  • 利用公司提供的任何匹配计划,比如401K可以匹配3%的话,就把15%中的3%放到401K中。
  • 每年放满罗斯个人退休金账户(Roth IRA)的最大限额。

3. 在Roth IRA中建立投资组合

4. Monthly Retirement Planning每月退休金计划表:计算每月需要存多少钱才能达到你的退休金目标。

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Key Concept #1: Decide How You Want to Live in Your Retirement Years

  • Retirement in Total Money Makeover is defined in terms of SECURITY. Security allows a person to make choices- work may be one of those choices.
  • Retirement in Total Money Makeover also includes the concept of FINANCIAL DIGNITY.


Key Concept #2: Baby Step Four: Invest 15% of Your Income in Retirement

  • Invest 15% of BEFORE-tax gross income annually toward retirement.
  • It’s wiser to start investing for retirement as SOON AS POSSIBLE so the money has the maximum time to grow.


Key Concept #3: Invest for Retirement in Mutual Funds

  • Use “Growth-Stock Mutual Funds” for long-term investing.
  • Take advantage of any matching programs available to you. If your 401K matches the first 3% you invest, put your first 3% of your 15% in that fund.
  • Use any tax advantages available. Put the maximum allowed into Roth IRA, since it grows TAX-FREE.
  • In a ROTH IRA, you can choose where you put the money. How to choose the Growth-Stock Mutual Funds for Roth IRA investment:
    1. Look for a good track record of winning for more than 5 years, preferably for more than 10 years.
    2. Break down the retirement investing evenly across 4 types of funds:
       * Growth and Income Funds(Large Cap or Blue Chip Funds)
       * Growth Funds (Mid-Cap or Equity funds; an S&P Index Fund would also qualify)
       * International Funds (Foreign or Overseas Funds)
       * Aggressive Growth Funds (Small-Cap or Emerging Market Funds)
    3. An article about Why Dave Ramsey Is Wrong On Mutual Funds
  • Calculating for Retirement Investing
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Key Concept #4: Calculate What It Will Take for You to Retire

  • You should aim at living off 8%. (Actually, this 8% is based on your funds earning 12% a year and inflation stealing about 4%.)
  • Monthly Retirement Planning How much do you need to retire comfortably? Use this planning sheet to figure out how much you need to save each month for retirement.
  • DON’T be panic if you cannot save this much money for your retirement. But DO be concerned enough to start investing for your retirement NOW.
  • Start where you are. Work the steps of the plan. Get out of debt. Have $10,000 in an emergency fund. Start investing for your retirement. And don’t delay!
  • It’s never too late to start.
  • Baby Step Four is not “Get rich quickly.” The investing you do systematically and consistently over time will make you wealthy.







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