Front Back Door Mat,Non Slip Door Mats,High quality doormat

Front Back Door Mat,Non Slip Door Mats,High quality doormat

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Here are some real fan's from our customers

Customer A: The size is just right for the entranceway and is not too thick either. The material is quite soft when you walk on it barefoot and the raised areas provide a good grip so you don’t skid on it. It’s lightweight enough to pick up and clean with ease, which is a plus!

Customer B: This is a lovely entry rug. I bought it thinking the material would be a bit rougher and easier to clean, but overall I am not disappointed. The material is very soft and fluffy. My 3 yr old likes to lay down on it. But the soft material grabs dirt and stuff off shoes as you walk over it which is nice.

Customer C: I have not to wash it yet, and it is so pretty and looks well made! I will tell you, it is purchased that is worthy, and a must-have. They have a huge selection of design/s to choose from. I just moved so, I got this as my doormat and will buy more! Have kitchen and bathroom/s left:)

Customer D: I needed to change my old one. This is great. Perfect size. Very well made.

The fabric on top is soft and a bit padded. Very absorbent.

The bottom part is a nonslip rubber. Does not have any bad smell on it.

Lightweight, so easy to just put it into the washer and dryer.

The color combo is perfect. Neutral and it can go with many many different color schemes.

I like it.












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