The most primitive, wild, authentic and natural "Amazonia" series colored contact lenses.

The most primitive, wild, authentic and natural "Amazonia" series colored contact lenses.

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1.Amazonia Green Colored Contact Lenses

Key words:fresh, natural, returning to the wilderness

The color matching is taken from the fresh green leaves of the natural vegetation of Amazon jungle, which makes this colored contact lens emit the fresh and natural temperament contained in Amazon jungle on the wearer.

Amazon green colored contact lens specifications
Amazon green colored contact lens sample

2.Amazonia Icy Volcano Gray Colored Contact Lenses

Key words:holy, untouchable, dangerous

The color matching design of this contact lens is inspired by Mount Fuji in Japan, which is a sacred and indelible sacred mountain in Japan. Combined with the primitive sense of Amazon jungle, it radiates a holy, untouchable, dangerous and beautiful look.

Amazonia icy volcano gray colored contact lens specifications
Amazon icy volcano gray colored contact lens sample

3.Amazonia Antarctic Blue Colored Contact Lenses

Key words:imagination,reverie

The hinterland of the Antarctic continent and the hinterland of the Amazon jungle are both rare Jedi, and people are full of infinite reverie and longing for these places. This color matching will make the wearer's glasses also make people have a faceless imagination, and it is very attractive!

Amazonia antarctic blue colored contact lens specifications
Amazon antarctic blue colored contact lens sample

4.Amazonia Sahara Brown Colored Contact Lenses

Key words:hot,dangerousseductive

In the eyes of the world, the Sahara desert is an endless, extremely hot desert full of hidden dangers, and the perfect combination of the beautiful, seductive and dangerous Amazon jungle, glowing with a different kind of dangerous and extremely hot new vitality.

Amazonia sahara brown gray colored contact lens specifications
Amazon sahara brown colored contact lens sample


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Colored contact lenses have fundus radians of 8.6 and 8.7. You can first find out which one suits your fundus radian and reduce the sliding of contact lenses!

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