2023 new picnic mat recommendations

2023 new picnic mat recommendations

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2023 latest picnic mat recommendations

Spring is here, it's time to go out again, and the coming summer, are you ready for a picnic or a holiday on the beach? In the face of outing travel, we all struggle to choose what kind of material mats, we know the outdoor mats are roughly divided into three materials: Oxford cloth, PVC, cotton and linen fabrics

Oxford cloth material for spring excursion mats is the benefit of wear-resistant, washable, dirty and not easy to break, also has a high strength tear resistance performance, and moisture-proof role.

PVC material is also a more common type of material, is a plastic material, stained with oil is easy to clean, the disadvantage is not easy to fold, not convenient to carry, there is a good moisture resistance.

Cotton and linen fabric is woven from cotton and linen material, its advantages as a spring excursion mat is light and soft, and easy to carry, cleaning is also very convenient, the disadvantage is also a lot, its waterproof is very poor, stained with oil and other stains is difficult to clean, not suitable for the beach and wet grass.

If you're planning a picnic, here are some things to pack on demand.

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Here are a few good picnic mats to introduce to you

1. Outdoor camping picnic mat ultrasonic moisture-proof waterproof mat camping camp thick sleeping mat, standard version 200*200cm/0.8kg, extended version 200*300cm/1.2kg, suitable for 4-6 people

It has a thick, waterproof and moisture-proof fabric, mainly made up of three layers of material (210D spring yarn + thickened soft silk cotton + pu coating 1000mm) The material is environmentally friendly and odourless, moisture-proof and non-staining, moisture-proof and waterproof, wear-resistant and tear-resistant! Machine washable, can be folded and stored, convenient to travel with oh.

2. acrylic leather picnic mat thickened moisture-proof mat outdoor tent mat grass mat waterproof mat picnic cloth beach mat, composed of acrylic + sponge + waterproof PEVA, thickened waterproof moisture-proof, convenient easy storage, easy to clean, can be applied to indoor, outdoor, beach

3. picnic mat damp proof mat outdoor waterproof thickened oxford cloth camping mat handbag type folding picnic cloth, composed of oxford cloth + pvc waterproof, can support the customization of different sizes, skin-friendly oxford cloth, waterproof and wear-resistant, handbag type storage design, using 600D oxford cloth printing fabric, anti-tear and anti-wrinkle more durable, the surface coating support, waterproof and anti-fouling, easy to clean

Please refer to the following website for more details of the models:



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