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White Bird’s Nest AAA
White Nests – White nests are the most common birds’ nests found in the swallow nest industry. Just because they are common, however, does not mean that they are any less nutritious or high quality. On the contrary, because they are easier to farm, the Grade AAA white nests are extremely high quality and smooth in texture.


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Red Bird's Nest AAA
Red Nests – Arguably the rarest of all birds’ nests, red nests get their unique coloration from the oxidation of iron in the bird saliva during extremely humid conditions. The red nest keeps its color even after cooking, adding a beautiful red sheen to soups and desserts of all kinds. Even though the red nest looks different, it is chemically similar to the other nests, and it is categorized into different grades, just like the other types of nests.


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Golden Nest’s red bird’s nests are sourced in the most responsible way possible, not only to protect your health but to promote safe harvesting practices that protect the well-being of Southeast Asia swallow population.
Cooking Your Bird’s Nest Soup.


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1. First, we recommend soaking your bird’s nest for at least 3 hours.
2. During this process, please change the water 3 to 4 times, as small impurities and feathers tend to settle in the bowl. Hand wash the bird’s nest to remove any foreign
3. Put the Golden Nest bird’s nest into a double-boiler pot and add some water. Place the double boil pot into the slow cooker and add more water.
4. Boil it for about an hour until the bird's nests are quite soft. After boiling, the bird’s nest should have a scent of egg white.
5. Now it’s time to enjoy this delicious bird’s nest soup. It should have a delicious, gelatinous and smooth taste.
Golden Nest Brand Story



Established in 1996, Golden Nest has won over tens of thousands of customers in the U.S. and abroad. Golden Nest exceeds all top safety regulations with our meticulous manufacturing process. Only about 30% of our total harvest makes it into production by the third examination because of how strict we are with nest quality.

There is no doubt that our customers consume the highest quality birds’ nest products on the market. Our premium birds’ nest products are all manufactured in the USA in FDA-approved facilities. Golden Nest’s incredible dedication to quality has earned us the highest ratings on Better Business Bureau, as well as loyal, repeat customers of more than a decade.



The quality of our products can be tasted. Those who purchase our authentic birds’ nest products at Costco or on Amazon continually express their firm approvals of Golden Nest. Our products simply taste amazing and are of the highest quality, yet still affordable for the average American. Taste our products and see why we’re #1 in the nation. Golden Nest has always prided itself in sourcing its nests from cruelty-free swallow houses, where workers take the utmost care in harvesting nests. Our nests are cleaned by hand with the utmost concern for hygiene and safety. We condemn these health-hazardous practices and protect the well-being of our customers by ensuring high-quality, health-focused processing steps that emphasize cleanliness and precision.




Why buy Golden Nest?
100% HAND-WASHED: The 100% hand-washed method is still the time-tested premier method to minimize the impurities content in the nest. This method, however, is losing its popularity due to significant product loss during the cleaning process. Also, some minor impurities might still remain visible, due to the absence of bleaching agents to ‘cover’ them (read: ‘Why Bleaching’ at the back page). However, GOLDEN NEST® believes that the best swallow nest should always be completely natural; to achieve a 100% natural final product, 100% hand-washed raw swallow is the unwavering, ultimate standard.

ABSENCE OF BLEACHING AGENTS: The absence of bleaching agents, along with advanced cooking technology similar to those used in preservatives-free commercial baby food technology, makes this product safe for elderly people, nursing/ pregnant women, and even babies that are ready for solid food.


We have become the number one selling brand of birds’ nest products in the USA since our establishment in 1995. Our innovative team has earned the reputation of selling only the highest quality birds’ nest products. Today, our premium products are sold in major supermarkets and Asian specialty stores throughout the USA. With Golden Nest, you can purchase with confidence.


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100% ALL NATURAL GENUINE BIRDS’ NEST: You can depend on us to provide you with the highest quality authentic Indonesian birds’ nests. Each nest has been carefully hand-cleaned by experts to remove natural impurities such as feathers and twigs. No preservatives, bleach, or any other unnatural components are added during the preparation and cleaning processes.

ULTRA PREMIUM QUALITY: We pride ourselves on our premium birds’ nests. You can expect each grade level to deliver superior taste and texture, on top of having a luxurious protective packaging. Our proprietary 3-step traditional hand cleaning technique ensures that the nests remain intact without relying on bleaching or other dangerous chemicals.