5 Real Guys' Feelings about Wearing Rompers

5 Real Guys' Feelings about Wearing Rompers

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We needed to find out what it felt like to wear a romper. So we interviewed five real men in Rompers.

Here's what they wore, how they felt, and what passersby screamed in their faces.

Exhibit No.1: Bruce


Bruce is Wearing: Red Flag Romper

Initial romper thoughts: "I don't find the idea of wearing a romper that weird. I grew up around motorcycles and cars, and we called what we wore overalls, but it's the same single piece idea as a romper. I also wear a one-piece when I do competitive road cycling."

Wearing a romper feels like: "Wearing a dress—not that I have that much experience in it. It feels easy, and you're not messing around with it every time you sit down. It lays how it lays, and that's it."

Would you recommend wearing one? "One hundred percent. Especially the one I'm wearing.

Exhibit No. 2: Jason Polar (And his wife)


Jason Polar is wearing:Pineapple Romper

Initial romper thoughts: "My normal style isn't too different, but I do normally wear two pieces of clothing. The color of mine was great—look at these pineapples!"

Wearing a romper feels like: "I felt like a little kid. It really brings out a lot of playful attitude. This one wasn't as mobility-restricting as the other ones might be. I don't know what this is made out of, but it is mighty fine. Chubbies!"

Would you recommend wearing one?: "Yeah, they're fun. I'd also recommend a regular onesie. I'd also recommend Crocs. Why not? And pinwheel hats. But that's just my style."

Exhibit No. 3: James


James is wearing: Dinosaur Pattern Romper

Initial romper thoughts: "My style is normally pretty conservative—jeans and a T-shirt or business casual for work. I thought the romper was funny and novel, but maybe not something I'd wear for real."

Wearing a romper feels like: "It's an interesting feel because there's nothing on your waist. You feel a little naked, actually. I understand why women would enjoy it—it feels pretty good and breezy. Outside of the breeziness, the really low crotch is not great."

Would you recommend wearing one? "This could be a strength in numbers play. If you and your buddies want to wear it for a bachelor party, or you want to wear it in the park and you're going to be hammering rosé because it's summer? Then sure, yeah. But if you're going to buy one because you think you can wear this instead of shorts and button-down at a bar, then, no, this is not the play."

Exhibit No. 4: Danie



Danie is wearing: Flamingo Romper

Initial romper thoughts: "Before I wore one: 'This is gonna be freaking ridiculous.' After I put it on: 'Damn! This isn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Actually... this is a solid look.'"

Wearing a romper feels like: "I'm pretty sure mine is the most low-key, and feels the most me compared to the other ones. If I didn't feel like I'd get extra attention, I would definitely wear it."

Would you recommend wearing one? "Romper life is simple and easy and not about over-thinking things: yes/no, go/no-go. Don't overthink it."

Exhibit No. 5: Mark


Mark is wearing: Flamingo Romper

Wearing a romper feels like: "I mean, I've never worn a dress before so I'm used to having a belt or button supporting my waist, but the material of this one is super comfortable."

What should guys know about wearing a romper? "The first rule of romper club is don't join romper club. The second rule of romper club is if you're going to join romper club, make sure you get one that fits."

Would you recommend wearing one? "Absolutely not. Under no circumstance could I, in good conscience, recommend anybody wear a romper at any point. Unless you're chilling on Richard Branson's island and he gave you a romper and said you could only stay if you wore the romper. Maybe then, yeah."


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